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Bamboo soap dish
Original Wash Bar

Bamboo soap dish

soap dish for our beard/hair wash bar

$10 plus shipping

Liquid Beard Wash

4.25 oz. Beard/Hair Shampoo Bar.

Liquid Beard Wash,

Original scent with Argon Oil to help condition your beard

8oz bottle for $14 plus shipping

Body Wash

Beard/Hair Shampoo Bar, will leave your beard and hair feeling clean and conditioned after use. Infused with the same oil's that we use in our beard oils, and now comes in two clean scents, Original (a clean scent) and Faded (eucalyptus and mint). Our 4.25 oz. bar of Craft Beard/Hair Shampoo, will help wash out Craft Heavy Hold Pomade from your hair.

$9 plus shipping

Body Wash,

tobacco/caramel scent with jojoba beads and clay that will exfoliate your skin to help pull out the grease, oils, or dirt while leaving a long lasting scent.

8oz bottle for $10 plus shipping