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Applying Beard Oil or

Beard Balm

The length and thickness of your beard will determine how much beard oil you need to use. With Craft Beard Oil or Balm a little will go a long way. The average beard requires a amount the size of a pea.

I recommend applying beard oil or balm to a damp clean beard, preferably after a warm shower. Dispense the needed amount into your hand then rub it between your hands to even the distribution (with balm this will melt the balm into the palms of your hands). The next step is to work the product into your skin and beard. If you have a boar bristle brush, I recommend using it to distribute the product deep into your beard, and the pores in your skin.

At this point if you would like to help straighten your beard hair, use a blow dryer for a few seconds to dry out the water trapped in your beard. Your beard might have a oily feeling for about 20 min. If it feels oily for longer then you applied to much.

If you have any extra, I suggest rubbing it onto your elbows, neck, or into your hair. Craft Beard oil and Craft Beard Balm is designed to make the skin and hair healthy.

Washing your beard

Keeping your beard clean is very important, but keeping the oils in your beard is important also. Find a shampoo or beard wash that doesn't have harsh chemicals. Look for natural shampoos that use oils to help replenish your natural oils and doesn't strip your hair.

Trimming your beard

It is important to maintain and trim your beard throughout the year. Even if you are planning or growing it forever. At least one a month, I recommend trimming 1/8" off the ends of your beard. This keeps your beard looking fresh and will encourage growth. Start with a damp clean beard. At this point you can start on your left or right and follow through to the other side, a little at a time. No need to hurry, you don't want to cut too much off. If you are worried about cutting to much off or making it uneven, then go see your local barber. They will be more then happy to trim it for you.

Combing or Brushing your Beard

Either one will do the job, but make sure you buy and use the right ones. If using a comb, don't use the plastic molded ones. The plastic molded combs have seams down the sides that will cause split ends and breakage. Look for specially made combs, that are made from metal, wood, bone, horn, and other materials that will not cause breakage. Combs are good on the go, but for home use I recommend a good boar bristle brush. This will distribute the beard oil or beard balm evenly throughout your beard down to your skin.

Here are a few steps that you can take, to CRAFT a great looking beard.