Beard Balm/Hair Pomade

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3.5oz Tin of Lady Killer Scent

Firm Hold Pomade 

All natural with no petroleum jelly

starting at $16 Plus Shipping

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1oz oil $15, 
2oz Beard Balm/Hair Pomade $15,
one of each $29

come in nine different scents, and two different sizes. 2oz jar $15 plus shipping

4oz jar $24 plus shipping

Our Newest Scent

4oz Jar of Original scent

Water Based Pomade

Vegan friendly

$16 Plus Shipping

Barrel Aged Vanilla,

has the scent of oak with vanilla accents.


Night Cap,
blended scent of cedarwood, musk, lemon, with a twist of vanilla

scent of eucalyptus and mint.

Sweet Leaf,
fresh cut tobacco with the sweet hint of caramel

Blended Tropic,
combination of coconut, topical fruits and flowers.

Lady Killer,
sandalwood, musk, and bergamot​

a fresh clean scent.

Beard Balm/Hair Pomade,

Original Pomade
2oz Balm/Pomade scent
OX Horn Comb

Double or Nothing,
sophisticated notes of black peppercorn and leather that are carefully crafted with warm woods, patchouli, musk and citrus.

Original Pomade
Craft Subscription

Lights Out,
hits you with the scent of grapefruit and then gives you the relaxing effect of lavender.

2oz Beard Balm/Hair Pomade and OX Horn Comb

$22 Plus Shipping

3.5oz Tin of Original Scent Pomade 

All natural with no petroleum jelly

starting at $16 Plus Shipping