History of Craft

    In the summer of 2015, the founder of Craft Grooming Products James, had grown tired of using beard product that didn’t give his beard the results he was looking for. He realized that low-quality ingredients were the problem. Unsatisfied by an inferior product James researched ingredients that would benefit his beard and skin. His research led him to a home lab, where he was able to produce a beard oil made of natural ingredients. That premium beard oil would prove to be the first product in the HandCRAFTed line of Craft. At that moment Craft Grooming Products was born. James sold his beard oil to local barbershops, where it became an instant hit. Customers started asking for a pomade using the beard oil’s signature scents. James found himself back in the lab. This time he successfully crafted a beard balm/light hold pomade. Ultimately, in the years since, a full line of men’s grooming products was produced.  You can now find Craft Grooming Products online and at many barbershops or men's grooming stores throughout Southern California.​   

Growing up in the Southern California scene of motorcycles, classic cars, and music, James was inspired to build the Craft Grooming Products brand around the lifestyle that he loves. In the spirit of staying true to who we are, our mission is to set the bar for a growing industry by maintaining quality and integrity in everything we handCRAFT.

In 2022 James has gone one more step in the men's grooming industry by starting school. In 2023 finished his studies, and soon after took his Barber State Board Exam. He passed his exam the first try and received his license in the beginning of 2024. James will soon follow it up with opening up his own barbershop location, along with keeping Craft Grooming Products one of the best handCRAFTed men's grooming product lines around!